"Global Nomads"
A Genealogy Project

Children who grow up traveling the world are "Global Nomads", a phrase coined by Norma McCraig. These Third Culture Kids, whose formative years are spent in more than one culture, forgo a sense of home while mastering skills that enable them to blend seamlessly between cultures. Global Nomadism perpetuates generation after generation. Repeatedly, and perhaps unconsciously, it is the common cornerstone for marriages. In the family study, it can be shown that six generations have perpetuated a family tradition of global nomadism.

The Researcher

Attempting to discover the source of nomadism within her family, Diane Wilkinson looked into the theory that the genes hold the key. Diane is a seasoned nomad with twenty-one moves including five to countries outside the USA. Living in England, from 1995-1999, Diane researched the English roots of her husband, and the Scottish roots of her mother. Research proved that global nomadism had been the way of life for generations of expatriates and immigrants alike.


Hunting for Drummonds in Muthill, Scotland

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