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William M. Hubbard Descendents:
Leslie Walton
via Bird Hubbard
Judy Valcourt &
Brenda Stewart
Jackie Valentien
Robert L. Hubbard, Jr.
Bob Spitzer
 via William Reid Hubbard  
 Vicki Piper

Other Missouri Hubbards/Related Families:
Sue Harris George Hubbard/Capps/Quick
David A. Barclay Durrett Hubbard
William Davison Eusebius d.3/7/1818 Florissant St. Louis Co., MO.

Some Marriages in Campbell Co., Virginia

Marriage Date




Hannah Reid John Hubbard F: William Reid

Mary Black Hubbard Brown  Bndsm: John Black

Jenny Hubbard Thomas McWilliams pos. Isle of Wight, VA

Sarah Hix Nathaniel Hubbard F: John Hix

Mary Ann McKinney John Hubbard F: John McKinney

Mary (Samantha) Mackey James Hubbard M: Mary Mackey

Polly Hubbard Young Richard Driskill  

Susannah Hubbard Young William Scott



Polly Black

Polly Reid

William Hubbard

Note: Campbell Co. Courthouse Records; double checked both

F: William Read

Rebecca Hubbard William Johnson F: Reuben Hubbard

Elizabeth Bailey Matthew Hubbard Young  

Abt 1815
Lucy B. Epperson Thomas R. Hubbard Jones/Puckett/Smith/Talbot

Elizabeth Haythe Michael Hubbard F: Thomas Hayth (Miciajah)

Elizabeth Patterson Gilliam Samuel W. Hubbard 1823 or 1824?

Nancy Hubbard Reuben Rucker WC

Elizabeth Pendleton Samuel W. Hubbard Patrick/Botetourt/Mercer

Mary Elizabeth Guthrey James L. McCraw pos. widow of (Wm) Shelton Hubbard

November 25, 1831
Mary Hubbard (or Wheeler?) Madison Jones of Halifax Co. VA to Butler, Mo

Elizabeth Ann Poindexter John H. Hubbard By Dal Fisher

July 8, 1839
Mary Anne Hubbard William R. Moore Surety: Nobel Snell

Caroline Poindexter William M. Hubbard prob. married in Missouri

John Murrell m. 17 Mar 1833

Mary Jane Hubbard
Sarah Hubbard
Mary A. Hubbard
Ebenizer Price
Jacob W. Busch
James Carter
}F: Benjamin for all 3
}m. Pr. Edward Co., VA
}with ties to Campbell Co., VA

Martha J. Hubbard Benjamin Marshall Farris Campbell Co., VA to Ray Co., MO

Caroline A. Walker William L Hubbard (middle name might be Scott)
Caution: This William (b. 1815) and Caroline (b. 1822) are listed near Poindexter (1850 census Campbell Co., VA)

 bef 1847
 Mary A. E. Hubbard Royall B. Smithey  Amelia or Campbell Co., VA

Louisa Rosser Benjamin M. Hubbard Campbell Co. VA 1860 Census

Map (Land Grant and Divisions) Campbell Co., Virginia

The following map contains rough information about grants and homesteads.

Any fine-tuning ideas would be graciously accepted! Any information in print

covers the late1700 and early 1800's. The RED print indicates HUBBARD

locations and the BLUE print indicates other surnames. The map of Bear Creek and

Molley's Creek, Campbell Co., Virginia (Lawyer's Road) is from the 1860's with

hand-written surnames (Map of Campbell Co. / made under direction of A.H. Campbell, Maj. Engrs. in chg. Top. Dept.).


Hubbards in Campbell Co., Virginia

Summary of Notes (Tax Lists, Census Data, Marriages, etc) and General Discussion about the Hubbard families that lived in Campbell Co. Virginia, connected families and neighbors, including notes on place names.

Family History Hubbard-Drummond $29.99 plus shipping and tax


Theories about the Hubbard Name

The surname Hubbard began in northern England in the period of the Danish Viking invasions. (In the 900's it is estimated.) A Viking named Hubba invaded Northumberland with his sons. They took over that area and settled there and began the family name in England. (Not without a lot of bloodshed and atrocity.) It's been through many different forms of spelling - Hubba, Hubert, Hobard, Hubberd, Hubbard. This information is significantly condensed, but it came from "One Thousand Years of Hubbard History," written by Harlan Hubbard and not available other than through historical and research libraries. The New England Historic Genealogical Society has a copy.


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